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Join our conversation with Cordelia Kalantzis founder of Tiggy by Cuddington, as she discusses how she creates the gorgeous hand-crafted leather goods now stocked online and in store.

Tiggy by Cuddington leather bags are timeless investment pieces, hand-made in Sydney, each with its own unique touch and best paired with We Are Kindred.  

Cordelia Kalantzis

What is the essence of Tiggy? 

Tiggy reminisces the days of old, when craftsmanship was an art, quality of materials were second to none and design was dateless. Products were an investment and made to last a lifetime handed down through generations. Our collections represents this embodiment. Adding decades of expertise in the fashion industry we have collated dateless silhouettes with outstanding design elements and exquisite materials to bring you the modern classics.

What is your main source of inspiration?  

The perennial inspiration for Tiggy by Cuddington is nature. It’s the guiding force for design, as well as the brand’s production philosophies. Tiggy by Cuddington’s locally-made pieces are crafted using organic materials, sustainable sourcing and manufacturing, and cut and stitched by hand, with love.

Have you always been an artisan? How has the journey been to get where you are today?  

Since I was a child, I was constantly exposed to the creative arts. From music and dance to fashion designing and drawing I have pulled these passions together throughout the years and we have delivered something that is certainly wearable art.

Tiggy by Cuddington

Image features the Lua Mini Dress in White and the Lua Gown in White  and the Tiggy by Cuddington Tiggy Midnight Lover Paisley Hobo Bag in Black. 

Can you briefly describe your creative process?  

The process is a blend of the three and depending on the inspiration. I might be on the plane visiting a customer and may stumble across a look I like and pencil a sketch down. We will also visit our suppliers and they will show us some new leather or hardware and that creates some vision. Yet the most satisfying moments are sitting in my studio on a calm day when the phone is charging in another room and I have a lightbulb moment - I will drop everything and go straight into making something new.

How to style the Tiggy by Cuddington Tiggy Midnight Lover Paisley Hobo Bag in Black. 

Any exciting projects in the pipeline?

Being an agile brand, we have an entire folder of ideas that are in the pipeline. From new silhouettes to watch bands, homewares and even a men's range - there will be a lot of newness coming out in 2021. 


Who do you admire and why?  

Without a doubt my mum. Her strength, vision, positivity and kindness is what drives me every day.    
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