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Conversations with @jessicavanderleahy

Conversations with @jessicavanderleahy

Join our conversation with Jessica Vander Leahy as she chats about what it means to be a woman, the importance of body positivity and why she made the Affirmation Project podcast. 


What is your key to staying body positive

I think many things can boost your confidence but one sure-fire way to shoot it is to get lost in comparisons — don’t compare yourself to others. Try and cultivate that attitude of, ‘I’m doing the best I can to feel healthy and strong and honour my body,’ and the best is the best you can do!

What’s your best tip for a healthy mind?  

I think there’s so much truth to that aeroplane adage; ‘Fit your oxygen mask before you fit anyone else’s’. It’s not selfish, it’s a fact that you’re no help to anyone if you can’t care for yourself. But with this in mind, I just try to fight for moments in my day where I’m not being a myrtar my and people pleasing my own joy and pleasure into a state of oblivion. 

So for me, my mental health practise is figuring out the self care for my mind and implementing it as often as I can—daily preferably! So far I’ve come to find it’s an ever evolving formula but I really believe, if I can find out what gives me peace and pleasure, that energy can hopefully radiate to the world around me. 


@jessicavanderleahy wears the Celestia Maxi Dress in Vintage Floral


You have a podcast, The Affirmation Project, tell us what inspired you to start this podcast? 

I’d describe myself as ‘woo woo adjacent’. I’m not overly into things like astrology—no shade to anyone—but I have seen the power affirmations have in the way they just open you up to reshaping your outlook. If you tell yourself you feel abundant and the universe is somehow on your side, even I times of adversity, I think you’re so much more inclined to believe it. 

As a marco-podcast The Affirmation Podcast is just a short self care routine that hopefully can be a gateway for people who might not be into meditation practise yet to see that taking time for yourself—even 5 minutes or less—can sometimes be all it takes to shift your daily perspective into a more positive and grounding one!


What does being a woman mean to you? 

I think it’s hard to define my own womanhood because it’s a constantly evolving experience but I can say that the most fun part about being a woman is the sisterhood. When you have a tribe of fun, real, honest and kind women who are supporting you on your journey in life it’s such a wonderful blessing! There’s just nothing like it!

@jessicavanderleahy wears the Virginia Open Back Maxi Dress, in Cream Spot

Tell us what do you love about wearing Kindred

I love that as an Aussie label it’s really about celebrating what it means to be feminine and have fun with fashion. Gone are the days for me where I covet labels pushing some kind of exclusivity agenda; that’s not chic. 
I’m all about brands that make you feel excited about fashion no matter your age, size, race…whatever! I think Kindred has really come to the table in the way of making fashion a celebration and I’m so here for it!


How do you feel when you’re wearing Kindred

Apart from just loving the styles, on a technical level, as a size 16, I find Kindred has nailed the fit for actually human women! The proportions are great, the fabrics are great, the consideration to what their customer wants is all there and I just feel that care when I’m the clothes. 

I look forward to each seasonal release and knowing that when I wear an outfit and someone asks me, ‘where’s that from?’ I can point them to Kindred and know they’ll feel just as inspired as I am to support a women-founded label that wants to actually celebrate what it is to be a woman enjoying fashion. 

@jessicavanderleahy wears the Virginia Open Back Maxi Dress, in Cream Spot


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