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Kindred Flowers

Kindred Flowers


Every week on a Wednesday or Thursday, Lizzie and I are up at the crack of dawn to do our weekly flower haul at the markets. We love it, its become such an integral part of our week. We love having a minute to catch up on the car trip - no kids or work calls at 5am!  We have made some lovely friends in the wholesalers / growers, and definitely have our favourite stalls. I personally love sweet peas, poppies, anemones - and always take home a bunch of white tulips or flannel flowers for my kitchen table. 

 If you live in Sydney please pop into the store to pick up a market fresh bunch of flowers hand picked with love by us!

- Georgie x

We stock fresh blooms each week, so make sure you pop by and visit us at 74 Oxford street, Paddington, NSW



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